1. Connect your TV Box and the TV with HDMI cable;
  2. Plug the power cord into your Android TV Box and wait for it to turn it on. (5 or so minutes)
  3. Setup your Wi-fi connection – or preferably plug it in with an Ethernet cord.
  4. Go to BBMC/Blackbox/SPMC and Enjoy all the free content! Movies, tv shows, tv channels, and much more!

All boxes are custom made so they’re fully tested before they’re sold. They will work as good as your internet works. If your internet is slow your box will be slow. Wifi signal is dependent on your router so if you just bought the box and it’s not working on your wifi you’ll need to use an Ethernet cord instead. Usually if it’s in the same room as your router and not behind a wall or anything wifi will work. Suggested wifi range on the firestick or box is 15 feet.
• Turn your TV on and set the input to HDMI (some have more than one HDMI port so select the number you plugged into.)
• Plug the HDMI cord into your Blackbox or Firestick (boxes can also use rca cables for older tv’s and change source/input) and plug in the power cord.
To watch Movies click on one of the squares at the bottom like Specto and search for your movie, if you don’t find it try the next square beside it such as exodus, covenant etc.

Below are other apps you or may not have on your box:

Xfinity TV: is installed if you paid $150 if you didn’t it’s not added.
MOBDRO app is for live tv. Sometimes the channels may lag unfortunately there’s nothing I can do about it because I don’t make that program.
Terrarium TV is for movies and tv shows.
Watchespn: live sports
Fox sports: live sports
Uktvnow: live tv
• Please remember that not everything you click will always work. This is especially true with live tv and payperviews but there’s always several places where you can find the same thing. If movies lag in exodus try another add on like Specto or Elysium
If you need help I oftentimes have videos posted or can send you one to help find what you’re looking for.
For these to play a live channel that channel has to be playing somewhere online so if it’s not the box can’t display it.
• Even though you see the movie title and picture for it doesn’t always mean the actual movie is uploaded. Although most movies are easily found not every single movie ever made is available. Some people who sell these and don’t really make them choose to lie about that but I don’t.
If the movie is really new inside the “in theaters,” section and says stream not available this means it is not uploaded yet. Most of the time this will happen with movies that haven’t been released so always make sure the movie is actually out.
* Please remember that the first 12-36 hours the box might be slow or could become unresponsive. If your screen turns black or the box freezes up this is NORMAL give it 20-30 minutes and if it doesn’t come back up unplug the power. Occasionally you’ll see updates fail in the bottom right hand corner this too is completely normal.
* The add ons (things like exodus, Specto 1channel) occasionally get worked on by the developers, sometimes they may even permanently close. If the one you’re using is giving you an error that says check your log or no longer works just choose another one at the bottom. Errors are common and mean nothing as to whether your box is working. The only time your box would be considered down and need fixed is if it doesn’t turn on or you’ve deleted your program. Apart from that if all of your add ons have shut down that too would require the $50 reprogramming package. I have many boxes and firesticks 3 years old and they still have working add ons.

* If you have any problems feel free to contact me but before you do make sure you’ve already tried to do basic troubleshooting such as:

#1 unplug the power to reboot the box and your router

#2 switch to a cord instead of wifi if you have a box.

* Under no circumstances should you delete the BBMC/Blackbox/SPMC app or choose to update or restore the entire box. This is not something you can just download again.

***All sales are final. I do not physically manufacture the boxes or firesticks I buy them and install my media center. I cannot control things such as your video pausing or lagging, kicking you to the home screen, internet speed or how far away from your router you are, these are issues you have to take care of.

I only charge you for the price of the box/firestick plus the time I spent setting it up…this is important to remember if something stops working because I have absolutely no control over it.

I give 90 days free support but after this period I do charge for my time. I wouldn’t expect your time for free so don’t expect mine for free.

Please don’t message me for every little issue, this is not a premium service, I respond to all my messages so this becomes very time consuming.

If your BLACKBOX/SPMC program doesn’t open at all unplug the box. Go to SETTINGS>apps>Blackbox SPMC> click on clear cache DO NOT CLICK CLEAR DATA> then click on force stop and try to open it again.

To use internet tv in HD quality you need at least 10mb. Some people use less than that but they understand the limitations of using a slower speed. So if videos aren’t loading do a speedtest if you don’t know how to do this google it. After you’ve speedtested your connection if it shows over 10mb download speeds it’s the video site being slow so try a different add on.

Support is free for 90 days. If you think for some reason you need to be reprogrammed and choose to mail it please include $6 return shipping, and $50 for the service.

i do not sell again to problematic customers. Many people need help understanding how these work and that’s fine but once I give you the information on what you need to do, do it. Don’t wait till tomorrow and send me the same thing again unless you followed my instructions.

Wifi seems to be the biggest issue in this area because the signal fluctuates. So no matter if you’ve had it in the back bedroom for 6 months away from your router and it worked great but now for some reason it’s stopped, the answer is you need to use a cord.

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Thanks for your purchase!!!