Repair or Reprogram


Repair & Reprogramming

If your box needs to be programmed for the first time or reprogrammed this is the service you’ll need to purchase.

When you buy your box or firestick you are paying ONLY for the work performed on it at that time. The purchase is not a guarantee of future services. However in all fairness I do give 30 free days wherein should anything happen I do reprogram the box for free and 90 days of tech support. After these 30 days I do not work on them for free. Do not ask because I already spend many, many hours a week answering questions freely for customers after their 90 days of free tech support have ended. Due to time and money I simply cannot afford to fit free labor into my schedule. If this upsets you I apologize but I can also assure you that other sellers who for the most part only know how to install Kodi won’t do so free of charge. They may tell you that but when the time comes they won’t answer your calls or messages. I hear it daily!!

Why would you need to have your box repaired? Several reasons.

1. Free TV and movies are never a guarantee. 2.Many times the way we have to access this content changes for one reason or another. 3.Maybe you restored it and our app is no longer installed.

4. The add ons have stopped working for movies and tv shows.

Many times it’s not so much a repair as it is an update. The plugins used to access movies and tv shows change and they automatically update for you UNTIL the developer stops supporting it or when they change the web address (aka repo) where this file is located. We have no control of these changes and when it happens you could always spend time learning how to make your own repairs or we’ll gladly sell you our services.

New Setup or Complete Restore:

You are purchasing a SERVICE to have our latest BBMC Blackbox apk set up on your Android TV Box. In some cases if the box needs reflashed it will be necessary to mail it.

Once you buy the service i will contact you with further instructions on what you need to do to your device. I will install the Blackbox custom setup with access to MOVIES, TV SHOWS, LIVE SPORTS, ADULT CHANNELS, LIVE SPORTS, and PAY PER VIEWS.

(NOTE: if you were sent here by myself or other associates it means that either your free tech support period has ended or traditional tech support such as messaging or troubleshooting over the phone will not work so additional support is required.)


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